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James Thompson

Over 30 years of experience developing and managing employee recognition programs has made Williams Recognition one of Canada's leading employee recognition program providers.

Williams Recognition is widely recognized for the high quality of customer service we offer all our clients - regardless of size.

Innovative web-based technologies adapted to each client's requirements, enables them to deliver efficient recognition solutions that reward their employees and benefit their business.

Williams Recognition offers employee service awards, peer to peer recognition, points programs, sales programs, safety programs and corporate jewellry programs. All our programs are designed to recognize your employees, encourage team-building, promote positive behaviours and achieve improved performance.

Our state of the art manufacturing facility allows us to design and produce customized corporate jewellry and insignia to complement our employee recognition programs.

This is our promise to you: Williams Recogniton will continue to offer exceptional customer service and innovative employee recognition programs - as we have done since 1989 - and we will continue to develop innovative employee recognition solutions that meet the requirements of an evolving workforce.

Contact us today and find out how Williams Recognition can help you improve your current program or help you launch a new program.


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