3 steps to creating a great work environment

May 09, 2012
3 steps to creating a great work environment

The foundation for profit, productivity and success isn’t where you’d think to look at first. If you look at the most popular places to work for —Apple, Facebook, Google—they’re all places that offer their employees interesting, satisfying and flexible work environments. In these offices, employees are given the resources they want and need to get excited about the work they do. You can find the same success by adopting a similar work-life culture into your organization. Here’s how:

Invest in equipment: It may be costly but providing an office environment that’s comfortable and properly equipped (think up to date software and comfortable office furniture) is essential. Your staff simply can’t reach their full potential if you don’t give them the tools to do it.

Invest in education: There have always been keen workers who feel most fulfilled when they can learn. However, today’s young professionals are generally of this tribe: they crave opportunities for learning and self-development. As part of your incentive program, consider subsidizing continuing education classes for top performers.

Invest in down time: The Google campus is famous for their healthy, delicious food offerings and areas for brainstorming and play. Rest is important to having productive employees, so give attention to where your staff is taking their breaks. A gym, if space and budget allows, is a great way to help employees stay healthy and recharge during the day.

Invest in transparency: Communication is key to maintaining a happy company culture. Communication means that everyone is given access to information about how decisions are made. It also can translate to regular feedback (which should go both ways), giving opportunities for everyone to acknowledge success and create good will.

Take that recognition one step further with service and loyalty awards. Thoughtfully rewarding good work boosts morale. Employees spend most of their days at the office, so make it a place they are appreciated and heard—or in other words, a great work environment.


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