4 surprising ways to increase employee productivity

September 19, 2012
4 surprising ways to increase employee productivity

Every manager hopes for workers that are busy like bees, but creating the conditions for this are easier said than done. If you’ve tried the old tricks, why not give these unconventional approaches a try?

1. Turn on the tunes

A recent article from Bloomberg Businessweek reported that playing music at work boosts morale and generally improves the atmosphere of the work environment. The effect was found across industries and disciplines, from librarians to deli owners. The type of music that best improves productivity depends on the person and the workplace. However, music with lyrics takes attention away from the task at hand.

2. Make ‘em laugh

Numerous studies have reported on the health benefits of laughing: it can lower blood pressure, reduce stress hormones, and improve alertness, creativity and memory. At work, that translates to higher creativity, productivity and collaboration. Encouraging your staff to have fun could also lead to greater innovation.

3. Go green

On average, employees of green companies are 16 percent more productive. Employees see eco-friendly companies as positive work environments. In a subtle way, green workplaces say to employees, talented job applicants—and investors—that you practice effective and cost-efficient management.

4. Recognize performance

This last one shouldn’t come as much surprise, but few companies do it right. Implementing an employee rewards program that allows employees to see and measure how productive they are in a quantifiable manner—such as points—creates motivation and accountability. Your company needs are unique; contact a Williams Recognition representative for more information about our points programs and how you can set ambitious goals, and meet them!

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