A few points to consider during an interview

March 18, 2016
A few points to consider during an interview

Most of us will be job hunting at one point or another in our lives. Some of you may be the owner of your own company or a Human Resource manager. If you have a position of this sort, then there is a big possibility you will have to hire qualified and competent individuals to fill positions within your company. No matter which side of the fence you stand, there are good employers and employees, as well as bad. As a job seeker, how do you know if you’re making the right job choice that will influence and improve your career? As an employer, what does your reputation look like? Is your company ranked as a good place to work? Do you offer employee benefits or employee recognition programs? Whether you’re finding a job or finding employees, some aspects are worth paying attention to.

A few points to consider during an interview:

 - What kind of first impression will the candidate capture?

 - What kind of vibe will remain from the interview?

 - Is the candidate interviewed for the position he applied for?

 - Is  the salary mentioned to the candidate during the interview the same as advertised in the job offer?

 - Is there a noticeable employee turnaround that might look ambiguous to a qualified applicant or is your employee retention so good you often offer long service awards or retirement awards?


Job seekers are no longer solely looking for a job with a paycheck; they’re looking for a life. They are looking for work, life balance!

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Our hiring process will expose your finest benefits. Implementing employee incentives or recognition programs can help you recruit the best workforce available. Give Williams Recognition a call today so we can work with you in becoming a desirable employer!


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