Christmas in the Office: How to Boost Morale Over the Holidays

November 16, 2020
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Holidays are the busiest times of the year. The workload increases, which can result in growing stress and frustration. That is why entrepreneurs and business owners need to help their employees get through the most wonderful, yet hectic time of the year. Here are several tips on how you can boost your office morale during the holidays.

Recognize and reward employees for their work.

If one of your employees is putting in extra effort, reward them with a bonus. Depending on your budget bonuses can include money bonuses or gift cards, increase in salary, a product that everyone loves and many more.

Introduce a more flexible work schedule.

A lot of people seek out jobs with more flexible work hours, as many people are opting for a balanced work-life relationship. This is particularly hard to achieve during the holiday season. Help your employees achieve this balance by giving them days off of their choice or allow days to be shorter or for employees to work from home.

Provide them the means to de-stress.

Sometimes your employees need some time to themselves to relax and recharge. You can offer a break room they enjoy spending time in or a small area to get in some physically activity. Adding a basketball net or comfortable seating area can change the work vibe drastically.

Spread the holiday cheer.

Organize an office holiday party or decorate your work environment to remind everyone that the holidays can be a joyful time. Office parties are a great opportunity for people to get to know one and other and strengthen the bond between team members. Many companies create an event planning committee amongst their employees to help relieve the stress placed on a single person. Make sure that, no matter which way you decide to spread holiday cheer, you include all holidays your employees celebrate.

Everyone wants to be appreciated, so do whatever you can to show them you value their hard work and you care before, during and after the holidays. Want to learn more about employee recognition? Contact us today to discover our personalized plans made for you!

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