Creating a Good Relationship Between a Manager and Their Team

May 31, 2018
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Whether you’re new to management or have had years of experience, establishing a good relationship between you and your team is always something that will require constant work. A good base foundation is needed to connect with your team, especially if it’s one that changes members frequently. Following are the top 5 ways to create a solid relationship with your team, even if your coworkers end up changing.

1. Listening

As everyone knows, the first step to connecting with someone is the mutual respect of listening to what the other has to say, to hearing one’s opinion. Hosting weekly meetings is one of the best way to ensure everyone is heard, as well as giving the entire team a chance to voice their opinions to the group. You never know who might agree with them, even yourself.

2. Giving Effective Feedback

From praising someone for their efforts to a simple compliment for the time a team member puts into a project, any form of positive feedback is highly appreciated by any employee. As often as possible, show your appreciation and share it amongst your team. The sooner everyone appreciates the work the rest of the team does, the sooner the team connects as one to produce the best work they can.

3. Give Meaning to the Work

Not only do you need to make sure the entire office has a purpose to come into work, you need to ensure they know that the work they produce has meaning. Employees who feel like their work doesn’t contribute are more likely to have a lower morale and could possibly, in the end, be holding the team back. Make sure your team knows that every piece of work they contribute is important in achieving the end goal, every single time.

4. Share Values as a Team

A team that shares the same values, for both the work produced and their work ethics, is a team that gets everything done efficiently, properly and without any conflicts. Make sure to establish a foundation of values that you and your team share. From respectively meeting deadlines to keeping the office tidy and peaceful, making sure everyone understands the team’s values will get things moving smoothly and keep them that way.

5. Believe in your Employees

Avoid hovering over your employees while they work at all costs. There is a line between approving and overlooking the work done and micromanaging your team’s moves. You need to show your employees that you trust their capabilities of completing the given task without fault. Keep in mind that if they need any help, they know where to find you. Showing that you trust your employees while leading them when they run into an obstacle will motivate your team to trusting themselves as a whole. Remember, they were all hired for a reason.

By listening, giving feedback and purpose, sharing values, showing trust and leading them, team morale and productivity is going to be high and stay there. If you find your employees needing a sturdier recognition program, here at Williams Recognition, we offer various programs to ensure both you and your employees are motivated for work every day.


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