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July 17, 2014
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Award ceremonies are how many businesses formally recognize, honor, and commemorate employee achievement. Whether it’s a long term of service, an exceeded goal, or any other milestone reached by an excellent team member, a recognition event to celebrate it needs to be carefully planned. To create a memorable event for the employee (or employees) being honored and a motivational event for the rest of your team, here are a few things to consider when planning.
Event Planning: All in the Details
Many companies hold an annual event to recognize some employees. If that’s the case, determining who the honorees are is, of course, the first priority. On the other hand, when one employee achieves something remarkable that is worth recognizing on its own, such as 40 years of service, for example, then the event should be planned around that person.
As with all projects related to a business, setting a budget is the first step, as this will dictate how much of the event is planned. Other details to think about include:
  • The timing of the event. Will it be during work, or will it be an after-hours celebration?
  • What kind of food will be served? Will it be a full, formal meal, or simply snacks? Will there be alcohol?
  • What exactly will the award be? Consulting with an employee recognition specialist like Williams Recognition can help you choose a heartfelt and memorable award.
Saying a Few Words
As a recognition award is being presented, it’s traditional for a high ranking manager at the company to speak about the honoree (or honorees). The president, CEO, or executive director may initially seem like the right person to speak, but this is not always the case. It’s important for the person speaking to know the employee being recognized so that a truly genuine and meaningful speech can be made. Therefore, the highest ranking manager who has a close relationship with the employee — and who feels comfortable in front of a group — should be tapped to speak and present the award.
Leave Time to Celebrate!
While a recognition event is held to shine a spotlight on an exemplary employee (or employees), it’s also a good idea to emphasize fun. Coworkers will want to congratulate those being honored, and the overall mood should be kept light. After the award is presented, give attendees some time to socialize, bond, and enjoy one another's company before heading back to work or calling it a night.
How Can Williams Recognition Help Your Business?
For 25 years, Williams Recognition has helped businesses commemorate and reward employee achievement. From award ceremonies to long service awards to employee retention programs, we can help your company reward, retain, and motivate your team members. To find out more, visit, or give us a call at 877-562-6501.
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