Fine-tuning your employee recognition program

August 30, 2012
Fine-tuning your employee recognition program

Yelp! offers its employees unlimited beer on tap. Google has on-site masseuses. Twitter employees have a laundry service at their office.

Are you rewarding your employees to the best of your ability?

While most of your employees aren’t expecting car washes (Google again), or a full ice-cream freezer (LinkedIn), you still want to ensure that your rewards and benefits programs are working in your favour. The beauty in these high-tech-company perks is that everyone wins. The companies are implicitly saying, We hired you, you do good work, and you should be rewarded for it.

You should do the same for your staff. Remind your talented workers why they are working for you and not someone else.

HR experts emphasize that listening is key to employee engagement: check in regularly with your employees. When you have the opportunity to ask about their job satisfaction, ask employees if they feel that their value is also being recognized, and if they feel like the rewards they are offered are valuable incentives.

Some employees may be shy offering their opinions in person, so you could also offer a confidential online survey to gauge your success. Williams offers full-service employee recognition programs. From launch to administration to surveys, we have solutions for small to large companies. We offer focus groups, employee surveys and online surveys, where employees are invited to give feedback in a secure environment. We can build a solution that works for you.

Williams believes that your program should evolve as the company evolves. It should be dynamic and motivational. It’s our goal to serve you, so you can better serve your staff. 

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