Five Reasons to Recognize Employees

December 10, 2014
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The desire to feel appreciated is part of human nature. No one wants to go unnoticed. And while it’s true that compliments and extra attention can make some of us feel a bit uncomfortable, we still want to know that our efforts are acknowledged and even, occasionally, rewarded. This is especially the case at work, where many of us spend 40 or more hours per week.
It’s often said that if you love your job, you never work a day in your life. Companies that take the time to recognize hard work and dedication help employees love what they do and love where they work. Happy employees may be reason enough for recognizing them, but having an employee recognition program benefits business owners as well. Here are five good reasons for businesses to recognize their employees for great work, loyalty, longevity, or whatever other reasons they choose.

1. Employee recognition promotes good workplace energy.

Whether you’re the head honcho or the new guy, going to work every day is much more pleasant when you work in a good environment. Recognizing employees creates a positive workplace, leading to improved morale and employees feeling happy, valued, supported, and appreciated. This good energy moves outward to your clients and customers, too; if they see that you and your team members are happy, they’ll associate those positive feelings with your business and be more likely to keep coming back.

2. Employee recognition motivates the whole team.

When you recognize a few employees from time to time for doing something good, those who aren’t recognized sit up and take notice. They’re encouraged to work hard and get projects done within deadlines so that they too might be recognized for their efforts. It also allows you as an employer to set the bar high and show your team members exactly what you expect of them.

3. Employee recognition helps to improve productivity.

They may initially seem like an unnecessary use of time and company finances, but employee recognition programs are actually just the opposite. When done properly, recognizing employees can actually help your company’s bottom line. If team members are recognized, they’ll continue to do great work for you. And, if other team members see that you recognize great work, they’ll do great work for you in an effort to be recognized.

4. Employee recognition is a more positive form of merit compensation.

In some lines of work, merit pay is frowned upon, as there are so many factors involved in defining success. And in other lines of work, it simply isn’t possible. But recognition can be a different way of compensating an outstanding team member for high merit. It’s often not monetary (though it can be), but the gratitude and occasional gifts or tokens of appreciation can go a long way in making an employee feel valued for his or her contributions.

5. Employee recognition positions you as a great employer who is committed to great employees.

Employees want to work for great employers. When you take the time to recognize superior efforts, you’re more likely to boost loyalty and keep talented employees around because they’ll feel like they’re making a difference and they’re noticed. This also means less employee turnover and everything that goes with it: training, learning curves, and stacks of new hire paperwork. Similarly, other people will want to work for you. When you have a job opening, you’ll have lots of qualified applicants from which to choose.

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