Fortify your Team through Team-Building Activities

June 22, 2018
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We’re all aware of the fact that all work and no play makes a job dull. There are many offices where employees spend their days with the same teams who barely know anything about each other. Luckily, there is a way to bring your team together that is both cost effective and time efficient. Encourage team building by organizing games, activities or social events that help your employees form healthy bonds so they can start feeling like a team. In case you lack ideas, here’s a couple of suggestions for team building you could use in your business today!

3 Most Important Benefits of Team Building

We know what you’re thinking - there’s more than three benefits of team building. However, following are the most important ones to introduce you to the perks of organizing team bonding activities.

Productivity Boost

First and foremost, team building activities may look like fun and relaxing activities but they’re much more than that. In fact, such activities often break several different barriers. Once you break down communication, personal interests and language barriers, your team will learn to work together and their productivity will rise through the roof!

Improving Problem-Solving Skills

You may have noticed that more and more schools and educators decide to use recognition games to enhance these skills among children, but they are also good for adults! Quite a few of the activities mentioned below are used solely for teaching your employees to work and coordinate together to solve a problem.

Motivation Boost

Organizing team building activities will not only create a bond between you and your employees, but will also motivate them to work even harder together creating consistent results.

Great Team-Building Activities

Dragon Boats

In case you’re not familiar with the term, dragon boats are boats resembling canoes, but bigger. Perfect for demonstrating the need to work as a team, organize a race and show your employees that this summer doesn’t have to be all about work!

Relay Races

Nothing speaks more about teamwork than a relay race. Coordination, the desire to succeed and perseverance are only some of the aspects this team building game will enhance.

Go Kart Racing

Probably the most exciting of all team building games, especially for a team of younger-aged employees, this activity will give them the adrenaline boost you don’t often encounter in the corporate world. What’s more, you’ll even see how people react to pressure and exciting situations.

Escape Rooms

Here’s one activity that will not only be fun for your employees and help them bond, but will also improve their problem-solving skills. Escape rooms are becoming widely popular and you should have no problem finding an appropriately themed one for your team to create a special bond.


You may have noticed how many huge businesses often volunteer as part of their team bonding activities. For instance, NBA teams are a great example of how giving back to the community and volunteering can help build team communication and maybe even provide your employees with a few extra skills.

Scavenger Hunt

When was the last time you went on a scavenger hunt? We suggest using one of the summer days ahead of us to get your employees out as teams to walk, talk and possibly win a scavenger hunt. There are even scavenger hunt apps that will save you time and enable you to enjoy the activity as much as possible.

Family Feud

Now, this could get serious. Although you’ll have some additional preparation to do, this game will light up some sparks in the office. This activity is good since you can alter the questions in relevance with getting to know each other personally and getting to know and individual’s strengths and weaknesses in a work environment. As a result, you’ll get highly motivated and energized workers, ready to beat their corporate world competition together.

Players win games, but teams win championships.

Boosting Your Team’s Productivity

In case you’re still unsure how to organize your team building and improve cooperation among workers, give us a call! At Williams Recognition we can help you achieve your team building goals. Whether you choose one of their programs or one of the activities we’ve suggested, you’re certain to see results and a significant productivity boost in no time!


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