Four ways to Maximise the Success of your Employee Recognition Program

April 15, 2015
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Commonly adopted as a way to improve productivity, increase sales and reward desirable behavior, employee recognition programs are seen as a powerful incentive to ensure workers strive to maximize their performance. Unfortunately unless they are implemented correctly, these programs can have minimal effectiveness and may even result in a decrease in achievement! If you’re considering introducing an employee recognition program, or perhaps already have one in place but feel that it’s not producing the premium results you crave, take a look at four factors which can significantly improve your program’s success.

Rewarding differently

Some people thrive on high targets which can result in spectacular rewards, whereas others will respond more positively to incremental rewards based on small improvements in performance. As one of the leading recognition program providers in Canada, we understand that a program needs to be flexible enough to work for each individual within your company. Our systems can be tailored to give inducement to those whose output is cause for concern, as well as offer the promise of amazing rewards for employees who naturally aim high.

Putting employees in control

Some incentive programs concentrate on results rather than on behavior. This can be demotivating for many workers, as accruing a successful sales record is frequently a matter of luck as well as hard work. Sales people can’t control the financial circumstances of their clients, better offers from rival firms or a poor track record by their own production team, so it’s unfair to penalize them when sales figures aren’t spectacular. By using employee recognition programs to encourage the type of behavior which maximizes the chances of a sale, personnel will strive to give you more of what you want, which will ultimately usually lead to better sales figures.

Short term goals

Because we are one of the leading recognition program providers in Canada, we make it our business to keep up to date with the latest research studies regarding what works when it comes to employee recognition programs. A key finding is that workers respond best to short term goals, even if they have less value than more distant rewards. We have adapted our programs to reflect this, ensuring that your recognition program can deliver frequent, worthwhile performance rewards whilst still presenting excellent value for money.

Every reward is worth it

When your workforce have given 110%, it’s only fair to provide them with high-caliber rewards which are actually worth having. The employee recognition programs that we have developed can be customized to meet any corporate structure, including providing regular rewards even when sales are infrequent due to the nature of the business or for companies that prefer to concentrate on the achievement of sales objectives rather than the value of goods sold.
There is a considerable amount of evidence to suggest that when implemented correctly, employee recognition programs can transform productivity and lead to substantially improved outcomes. As one of the leading recognition program providers in Canada, we have years of experience in designing individualized schemes which will work well in every business. Why not make this year the one where your organization achieves spectacular outcomes, enhanced by the use of a high-quality, effective recognition program?
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