Generations Y and Z, the future of our companies

May 25, 2016
Generations Y and Z, the future of our companies

Those born after 1995, also known as generation Z, are preparing to make their entry into the labor market which is already established by those known as generation Y. Several are questioning the future of our companies. Sought by generations Y and Z in a professional environment? How does it differ from previous generations?

The consulting firm HR Randstad Canada did a study of Y and Z generations, de Y à Z, distinguishing their past and defining what motivates and inspires them.

What attracts Y and Z generations?

Social responsibility: Both generations want organizations to support their community. Indeed, 87% of individuals of the generation Z affirm that it is imperative that the company they work for gives back to the community and is, thereby, socially responsible.

Diversity: Over 85% believe that gender equality and occupational diversity (propertied employees diversified professional experiences) are key to the success of a business.

Technology: Technology plays a crucial role for generations Y and Z. Although they believe that technology is a distraction, however they realize it significantly facilitate their daily tasks.

Communication: Nothing like a conversation in person! Indeed, 45% believe that communication in person is best way to communicate.

How to mobilize future generations?

Bet on freedom: Work-life balance is a major concern both for the present generation and for future generations. Y and Z generations firmly believe they should have the opportunity to work when and where they are most productive. By being flexible!

Enhance their participation: Both generations wish to take part in major projects and contribute directly to potential earnings. Take their ideas into consideration!

Cultivate their entrepreneurial: The Y and Z generations appreciate their creative ideas allow them to move up. Offer them opportunities to gain more experience and help them move up in the world!

In short, get ready for the arrival on the labor market of the next generation which represents over seven million youth in Canada. You will need to inspire, communicate and mostly don’t be afraid to listen.

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