Giving Feedback to Your Employees

February 05, 2013
Giving Feedback to Your Employees


When you run a business or you are in a supervisor position, part of your job is evaluating your employees’ job performance. The evaluation results should be put into the form of feedback which you can then give to your employees to help them to develop more in areas where they are weak in and to also be encouraged in the areas where they are strong. Knowing that they are doing a good job really helps some employees to flourish on this type of recognition.
First monitor the performance of an employee and take notes. This information will be the foundation for a review when the time comes and can be kept in a specific file just for that individual, usually along with their other information that you collected upon hiring them.
Make sure you have some sort of performance review form. This way you can clearly go over with your employees all the areas of their work and how they are doing in each. Plus, you can make a copy for them so they can review it. You can also put positive notes on the form to help encourage your employees.
Some employees really work well with an awards system. This can encourage them to work even harder and to do their best, in turn making your business run more smoothly. For employees who have been with the company until retirement, retirement gifts are also a very nice way to show your appreciation for an employee who has been with you for many years.
You don’t have to wait for each performance review to give your employees feedback on how they are doing. People like to know that you appreciate the work they are doing and usually do well with some constructive criticism as well. This will help there not to be any confusion about what is expected of them, and you will have a well-run business in the end.
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