How to conduct the perfect performance review

July 12, 2011

Happy employees who are on board with your company’s goals and strategies are more productive employees. And if you want your employees to be on board, happy and productive—then you need to hold regular performance reviews with them.

 A performance review is a fantastic tool for communication, goal setting and employee recognition.  Your company will reap the rewards.

 To conduct the perfect performance review requires effort. Following these top performance-review tips will ensure your employees are performing at their best—and so is your company.

1. Prepare for the review. Take time to review your employees’ files before sitting down with them. Look back to the last review and meeting notes from other review discussions to see what was discussed and check progress. Decide on your topics for the upcoming review.

2. Make it a conversation. Don’t launch straight into the review the minute you sit down with an employee. Begin with a little small talk about family, sports or something that you know interests your employee. The review is all about communication, so you want your employees to feel they can share their thoughts in a comfortable setting.

3. Hear what’s being said. Sometimes we listen, but we’re not hearing. When your employees are speaking, really concentrate on what they are saying, so you can get the most out of the conversation.

4. Reward the positive. Don’t be afraid to reward employees who are performing well and reaching or surpassing their goals. The theory that rewarding employees will make them lazy is wrong. In fact, the opposite is true.

5. Help fix the negatives. If a goal hasn’t been reached, or an employee’s work has been sub-standard, be proactive in helping to find a solution. Show that you care and want to help your staff through any problems they may have.

6. Set measurable goals. If you set impossible targets, your employees will quickly lose motivation. Goals must be clear and attainable, and offer employees incentives to reach them.

At the end of the review, don’t just diary next year’s discussion. Set up quarterly meetings to discuss progress. Good performance reviews are a process rather than a single event. And remember, the perfect compliment to a performance-review strategy is an employee recognition program Williams recognition specializes in the implementation and administration of custom employee recognition programs and awards. For decades, Williams has been creating custom employee award programs that allow you to acknowledge and show your appreciation to your employees. Williams Recognition offer a wide array of awards form the traditional to the more modern.

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