How to Give your Team a Boost

October 16, 2020
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In this time of increased productivity, it is hard to focus on employee morale. Too often, many businesses give more attention to achieving daily or monthly goals and targets. This kind of pressure ultimately results in stress and a decrease in energy and excitement among your team. 

Although we cannot control every aspect of our business, managers are encouraged to take a more proactive role in ensuring that the office environment is productive and rewarding for their team, as it will result in the growth of the business. 

Here are some tips on how you can help give your team a boost. 

Give Your Employees Genuine Compliments 

We often forget to recognize when our team members are doing a great job. Vocalize when you were genuinely impressed with their work. This will motivate your team members to further better themselves. 

Make Time for Fun

Take time to make fun, goofy goals for your team, paper plane competitions or simple team engaging activities. Giving your team something to work towards in the short-term and rewarding them with prizes is a great way to excite your employees. 

Do Not Let Frustrations Boil Over

It is completely normal for your team members to experience periods of frustrations. As a manager try to proactively seek solutions to confront your employees’ frustrations and find out why are they feeling down.

Learn Something New Every Day 

Don’t forget that you are managing a group of people, who all bring diverse skills to your team. Organize a “skill-share” every few weeks, where a team member presents their skill to the entire group. These sorts of presentations are a perfect way to unwind together and give a chance for your team members to work on something they’re excited about.

Be Kind 

Whenever someone new joins the team, ask them to fill out a form about their “favourites” (like favourite candy, flower, etc.). Use this information in case a team member needs a little pick-me-up. These gestures are made more meaningful, as you have put thought into their gifts.

Be an Example for Others

Though it is impossible to be happy all the time, try not to stress, as it can create a bad influence for the team. If there is a tough project approaching or the season is about to get busy, it’s important to come to work with a good attitude and to diligently address any complaints.

There are a lot of people that throw their heart and soul into what they do. All they need is to feel valued and cared for, and not to feel like an overseen employee. As a manager it is important to establish a healthy and motivating work-environment, where team members can openly share ideas. In short, a little consideration, feedback and recognition can go a long way.

For more help creating the perfect recognition program that suits your needs, contact us today and we can help find what’s right for your business today.

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