How to set and Reach Your Goals

March 21, 2013
How to set and Reach Your Goals

One of the pre-requisites of attaining success in life is setting proper goals. Without them, you lack direction and focus. By setting a goal, you not only take control of the direction of your life but are also able to determine whether you are moving in the right direction or not. Goal setting is a structured method that involves certain rules. Let us have a detailed look at them:

Set motivating goals: The goals you set should be motivating.  They should be significant to you because if you do not have much interest in the final outcome, or they are not that relevant in the long run, you may give up easily. Motivation is the primary driving force behind accomplishment of goals.
Go for SMART goals: A goal has to be SMART in order to be powerful. SMART is a combination of five qualities that should define a goal. Thus, it should be Specific so that there is no room for misunderstanding; Measurable or that which can be assessed properly; Achievable or feasible; Realistic meaning it should have a logical way of proceeding and Timed i.e. there should be a time limit or deadline to it.
Write down your goals: The act of penning down your goal makes it tangible and real. You cannot claim later that you forgot about it. The goal statement should be framed positively. If you maintain a To-Do list, your goals should figure right at the top.
Create an action plan: This is where many people go wrong. However, the benefit of making a detailed action plan (i.e. listing out the different steps) is that you can always track your progress. As you complete a level or step, you can cross it. It can actually motivate you to work harder. This is particularly applicable for long-term, demanding or big goals.
Stick with it: Do not give up midway. Make use of reminders for keeping yourself on track. There should also be a time slot allotted for reviewing your goals.
Goal setting is particularly important in the workplace. That is why companies often conduct performance recognition programs in order to inspire employees to set specific goals and work towards achieving them.  
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