Improving Employee Engagement

July 22, 2019
Improving Employee Engagement

Many practices contribute to the overall success and growth of a business. But there are some that remain either undervalued or altogether ignored. Have you heard of the term employee engagement? Is it part of your business’ plan as a way to grow and prosper? Without further delay, let’s take a closer look at this term and see what it means to have a business with engaged employees.

What Does Employee Engagement Mean?

The term we’re focusing on here is so vast in scope and defined in such a multitude of ways that an exacting definition will escape us for now. That being said, we found a couple of provisional definitions. According to Officevibe, employee engagement is defined as “ […] the emotional commitment that an employee has to the organization” and Snacknation defines it as the “extent to which people are personally involved in the success of a business.”

Emotional commitment? Personally involved? You might be planting your face into the palm of your hand and asking yourself “Is this article about business or the human sciences?”

But as unrelated as these terms may seem to the overall success of a business, they’re in fact synonymous in a myriad of notable ways to its success. Most importantly, employees that are engaged produce more, are on time, offer better customer service, stay longer with the company, and much more. This is because they feel that the success of the business is inherently tied to their personal success as well. 

Consider Your Employer Brand

When an employee is emotionally committed and personally involved, they are engaged.

Determining just how to achieve and cultivate this demeanor into and among the members of your staff isn’t as straight forward as increasing pay or providing adequate benefits, for example, despite the fact that these are part of the equation.

Research shows that these aspects alone are not enough to establish an employer brand, which is a recognizable and attractive workplace culture that is inviting and desirable. This in turn prompts a demand and creates value for the employment opportunities afforded by your company. 

Humane Core-Values as The Essence of Creating Employee Engagement

Ultimately, implementing and practicing humane core-values in all areas of your business will contribute most effectively to the authenticity behind your employer brand which is vital to the unfolding of engagement in your workplace.

In short, let warm, sincere interactions be your north star as you map out the future of your employee-employer relationships. Create a dialogue, listen and make a consistent effort to bring employee concerns to the front of the line. Initiate ways to help bring their desires, hopes and dreams into realization. Provide the means to a healthy, peaceful and inviting workplace.

Recognition Programs are an Example of Humane Core-Values in the Workplace

There are innumerable articles on the web explaining how to engage employees in new and insightful ways—and for that reason we will spare you from having to gloss over them here.

Nevertheless, we will pin-point one example of implementing humane core-values in your business, an example that we take pride in because it is the hallmark of our business: Recognition.

As Snacknation highlighted in their comprehensive analysis of employee engagement, “[employees] want to feel like [their] contributions matter and are recognized,” and payroll is unfortunately insufficient to completely satisfy this human desire.

Employers must go above and beyond payroll to show their employees that the work they do is appreciated and valued in a meaningful way. This can be done by word of mouth but having a systematic approach can go along way especially when dealing with large sized companies.

Here at Williams Recognition, we can take care of the process for you! We will work closely with your business to achieve the perfect recognition program tailored to the specific needs of your company. We know that employee engagement is vital to the prosperity of your business in a world that is breeding a changeable and transient workforce. 

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