Inspiring employees to give their all: A how-to

April 03, 2012
Inspiring employees to give their all: A how-to

In this downtrodden economy, your employees are feeling worn out: they’re putting in longer hours, and taking on more responsibility for equal or less. It’s no surprise that they’re not putting in their A-game. But to get out of the tough times, you need your employees to be as engaged as possible.

How do you inspire your key players to keep bringing the creativity, productivity and work ethic you hired them for? Begin by taking initiative. Here are some steps to create a work culture that inspires great job performance:

Be a role model: Serve as an inspiration to your employees by exceeding your own goals. Successful people are inspiring. Lead by demonstrating the possibilities of applying yourself, no matter the circumstances. After all, your employees will only be as good as you are.

Make sacrifices: Demonstrate that you’re not above your employees. If jobs in the company have recently been cut, morale is down. Cut back your own bonuses and scheduled raises to illustrate prudence and show awareness; besides, you may raise eyebrows if you only share the wealth with upper management.

Stoke passions: When you connect work with people’s personal and professional goals, you are positioning work as a means to achieve those aims. Have conversations about their team members so together, you can create a plan that helps them get where they want to go. A management style that’s in touch with personal goals also inspires loyalty.

Give praise: Giving authentic feedback, focusing on employees’ strengths, shows a manager who is truly connected. Rewarding good service and excellent achievement is one of the most winning strategies for inspiring more great work.

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