Intrinsic Motivation for Driving Employee Engagement

March 08, 2013
Intrinsic Motivation for Driving Employee Engagement


A dramatic change has taken place in motivational dynamics thereby reflecting altered worker expectations and new work requirements. A noticeable rise can be seen in the significance of intrinsic or psychic rewards as opposed to the traditional extrinsic or material rewards.
For proper identification of these intrinsic rewards, it is important to analyze the nature of present day’s work. Self-management is often an intrinsic part of any worker’s duties in today’s time. They are required to use their experience and intelligence for directing their work activities with the purpose of accomplishing crucial organizational goals. Judgment plays a very important role in self-management as the worker has to take several crucial decisions that have a direct impact on the final outcome. It is what determines his contribution to an organization.
Intrinsic rewards can be of many types. To begin with, it can be a sense of meaningfulness in which the worker is made to feel the importance of the goal he is trying to achieve. This prompts him to believe that the path chosen by him is worth his energy and time. It can be a sense of choice in which he is given the freedom to choose the method in which he wants to accomplish the desired goal. It gives one a sense of ownership and a strong belief in the approach adopted.
A sense of competence is also a form of intrinsic reward. In it, the worker is given the assurance that his work activities are being handled well and its performance either meets or exceeds the set standards.
There are several ways of boosting intrinsic motivation of employees. Firstly, a suitable challenge can be set so that their abilities are stretched but not to a degree that they feel weighed down. Freedom has to be given regarding the manner in which they choose to accomplish the challenge. Secondly, they have to be provided with the right resources to support their endeavors so that they feel that their work actually matters. Thirdly, employee recognition programs can be organized in order to laud their efforts and reward them for their contribution and hard work. 
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