Preparing for an Employee’s Last Day

June 22, 2016
Preparing for an Employee’s Last Day

When an employee decides to resign their position, there are a number of things that you must consider in order to make sure that the transition is seamless. As an employer, you have to invest the time and effort into making sure that you have a competent replacement. Additionally, it will be important to process your feelings of disappointment, anger or surprise, while simultaneously maintaining a high level of professionalism. Adhering to the following steps can help to make the transition seamless.

Assess other working arrangements

It may be possible to avoid losing a valuable employee if their choice to leave is based on a family circumstance. If this is the case, attempt to make accommodations to the situation of the employee that may allow them to remain working for you. Whether it is being more flexible with the work schedule or allowing them to work from home, it could be the adjustment that is needed to convince the employee to stay on board.

Keep your staff informed

When an employee announces their resignation, it will be important to inform the staff, especially those members of the staff that work in direct conjunction with the departing employee. And make sure not to use a negative tone when making the announcement.

Determine the best way to inform Clients

When an employee develops a relationship with clients, their departure can undermine client trust, so, how the client is informed of the employee’s departure is immensely important.

Create a Transition Plan

The moment an employee gives notice of its departure, get with them to find out where they are on existing projects, and ask them to participate in creating a transition plan.

Determine Who Will Cover the Work

Until you find a permanent replacement, you will need to find someone to complete the existing work, until someone can take over the assignment permanently.


Whenever an employee departs on good terms, take the time and effort to relay to them that they are valuable and that they will be missed. Through a recognition program, you can offer an employee service recognition award or a departure celebration, but make sure that everyone sees that your employees are appreciated.

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