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February 21, 2019
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While the same recognition program doesn’t work for every company, unique programs are designed to guarantee your goals be met. Whether your goal is to improve employee morale, increase productivity, ensure loyalty or enhance teamwork, there is a program perfect for your business. These programs can help advance your company and create traditions that stick. In this article, we’ll discuss how corporate jewelry and insignia programs can benefit your company.


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What is an Insignia Program?

Tailored to your specific needs, our insignia programs have become very successful throughout the years. By using badges, jewelry and other distinguishing marks, you can express the value of your employees’ loyalty throughout the years, the work they have put towards the company and the motivation they have brought to the table.


How Does it Work?

Based on the goals of your company, the way your insignia program is tailored may vary. Such as within the military, badges are rewarded to those with higher ranks. This type of insignia program demonstrates appreciation of hard work, time put in and specific skills.


Within other companies, bracelets are handed out after a certain period of time, with charms and beads being added over time. This type of insignia program demonstrates appreciation towards the loyalty, time put in, teamwork and ideas an employee has given to the company.


Other pieces that can be given could include watches, cuff links, rings, necklaces and pins.


The Benefits an Insignia Programs

Following are a few of the many benefits that come with corporate jewelry and insignia programs.

  • Recognizes employees for many different qualities they have shown.
  • Offers a sentimental gift.
  • Can show or create ranks and seniority.
  • Improves motivation, loyalty, teamwork and performance.

Here at Williams Recognition, we believe in providing your company with a program that is guaranteed to help. A corporate jewelry and insignia program is a great way to give a gift to your employees for their hard work. Contact us today to learn more about how a recognition program could benefit your workplace and which program could be right for you!


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