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April 14, 2011
Where many companies falter and fail to retain key employees, others use a variety of methods to preserve essential employees, reduce turnover and avoid productivity disruptions. Through the use of formal or informal incentive programs, recognition programs or years of service awards, employers can have a significant impact on an employee who is considering looking elsewhere versus one who is happy and content at his or her current position.

Formal versus informal employee recognition
No matter how big or small, employee recognition gives employees a sense of appreciation and value to their work as well as a feeling of belonging and commitment to their place of work. Recognition not only improves moral and enhances loyalty, but it increases motivation and employee retention. An appreciated employee is often willing to even go above and beyond their expected call of duty.

Employee recognition is a simple way to let your employees know that their dedication, efforts and hard work are esteemed. Formal recognition program are certainly worth their weight in gold, but to compliment formal employee recognition programs, there are some simple and low cost employee recognition methods that offer long term impact.



Informal recognition
The ways in which you can recognize employees is inexhaustible. Be sure that the recognition that you choose matches your organization’s culture as well as the wants and interests of the individuals to whom the recognition is intended.

Informal employee recognition ideas for managers

  • A trouble-free "hello" at the start of the day and "goodbye" at the end of the day seems straightforward yet is very often disregarded as being a positive form of employee recognition.
  • A simple thank you for a task or job well done. “Good job” is often used, but the impact of “Good job today. The client was obviously impressed with your ideas and this will contribute to a positive relationship with the client.” Carries much more weight.
  • Take your team out for a long lunch without looking at the time!
  • A personal hand written note or an email with a copy sent to the “big boss” to acknowledge a job well done.
  • Share positive feedback that you receive from others with your employees.
  • If your company has a newsletter, use this tool to thank a specific employee or a team for going above and beyond the call of duty.
  • Staff meetings, board meetings and special events are an ideal time for individual or group recognition.
  • Throw a party or celebration. It does not have to be a formal gathering, just a little time to kick back and chit chat with other employees at the end of a project.
  • Muffins and coffee on a Monday morning or ice cream on a hot Friday afternoon. It does not have to be every week, be spontaneous!
  • The simple act of saluting a birthday, a work anniversary or the birth of a baby goes a long way in the hearts and minds of employees.
  • Offer a long weekend to an employee who has been working late to complete a project.
  • Hold a team meeting outside the office at a nearby restaurant, coffee shop or at a park.
  • Post ‘Thank you’ emails, letters and cards from clients on a recognition wall.

An employee recognition program is one of the easiest ways to recognize your employees’ dedication and hard work. Williams Recognition specializes in employee recognition programs. Our programs are hassle-free and provide a great return on investment. Williams caters to small, medium and large businesses. Contact us for more information about our many employee recognition programs.

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