Should companies pay more attention to happiness of their employee?

January 24, 2020
Should companies pay more attention to happiness of their employee?

The happiness of your employees is a huge deal for your business. Their happiness is the key if you want to attract and keep new employees. Nowadays when we are facing the low unemployment rates, pretty much all the candidates can choose where they would love to work.  So, before they even apply for a new job, one of the most important things they want to know right away is whether the current employees are happy or not since there is an open work spot. 

Therefore, if the company is not keeping its employees satisfied, chances that they will be losing more employees are inevitable. So, what does it take to keep the employees on a happy level? We have prepared a list of some beneficial factors that can improve the level of satisfied workers in your company, so let's dive in!

Key factors that keep employees happy

  • Benefits
    Does your company offer any type of additional benefits to your employees? For example, if not, have you ever considered offering an extra paid vacation to your loyal workers after they spend some time with the company? Provide stimulative benefits for the workers that stayed with the company for a certain period.
  • Compensation
    Do you have a compensation for the work that is completed before the due date? Ask yourself if the salaries that you are offering to your employees are compatible with the rest of the market or are they slightly lower or higher? Employees will always be happier if they are getting paid at least the fair market value for the service that they provide for your business.
  • Health insurance
    In today's age, health insurance is one of the crucial and mostly deciding part for your potential workers, especially the ones that are staying with your company.
  • Retirement benefit
    Does your company offer a retirement benefit plan? You should consider this since it is really important to the employees that are looking for a company in which they will stay and try to make it last for many years.

Employee retention

Employee retention usually occurs when current workers are not satisfied with the way their company is treating them, therefore they will start convincing their colleagues to look elsewhere since they realized in what kind of toxic environment they are currently working.

The reputation that some companies will get could mean the end of the road for their business, because when the company is not capable of getting people to work for them, many will start questioning what is wrong with the company.

How to boost the happiness of your employees?

For employees to be happy, a company has to provide them with benefits that will make the time they spent working for that company much better. Having the managers who listen and encourage their employees to be open and to communicate with other colleagues is another important step towards the happy work surrounding.

If any type of problem occurs, managers should encourage their workers to talk to them about it, and with everything that is in their power they should make sure to adequately solve these problems, and prevent them from happening again. Having all these elements together will make your company look great and eventually employees are start being happy because they are a part of it.

A lot of companies today are having HR positions that are mainly focused about happiness of their employees, so that is another way of improving the happiness level inside your company.

Key to the happiness of the Company's employees

There are so many other ways in which every company can do these little things besides providing their employees with only a paycheck, from additional benefits to the retirement plans. By taking these extra steps, your employees will realize that they are in the right place and that they work for a company that actually cares about them.

When the workers are happy with the company that they are working for, they will tend to produce extra effort as a sign of gratitude for the company that they are working for.

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