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May 03, 2011
As a small business owner, competing with larger companies in terms of salary and benefits can be a difficult, even impossible, task. As a small company, you must rely on other means to attract new employees and retain existing personnel.

Other employee incentives
Chances are that as a small company you cannot equal the salary nor match the flock of benefits that are used by large companies to attract quality personnel. Smaller businesses can compete with larger organizations for talented employees by offering other, non traditional employee incentives and benefits. Today, many employees are not only motivated by salary. The idea is to uncover what skilled workers want and to play up these offerings:

  • More vacation time
  • Working from home
  • Flexible work hours
  • More responsibilities
  • Less bureaucracy
  • More learning opportunities
  • More opportunities for skill development and career advancement
  • Raises allocated when earned
  • Quarterly bonuses

In other words, small companies which are not necessarily in a situation to directly compete with the big salaries, health and dental plans, group RRSPs, disability & life insurance, perhaps even daycare and fitness benefits, offered by many large companies, must create a total package plan that is more attractive than what a potential employee could get elsewhere.

Push motivators
The trick for smaller businesses is to find out what motivates each person and to push that offering as an employee incentive. As a small business, it is critical to create a united environment where the employees contribute to the success of the company and the company is able to reward and recognize these contributions in a much customized approach, whether it is years of service awards or a sales award, award recognition is a key benefit for employees of smaller companies. 


Employee recognition programs
As a smaller company, employee recognition awards and employee incentive programs are a simple way to acknowledge your employees hard work, dedication and accomplishments. Not only do employee incentive awards and recognition awards reduce employee turnover, they boost team morale and productivity.


Williams Recognition’s employee recognition programs are stress-free and provide a great return on investment. For any occasion and every event, Williams will create employee recognition programs for your company. Williams caters to small, medium and large businesses. Whatever your needs, big or small, we can help.

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