Some Practical Advice for Giving Corporate Business Gifts

November 19, 2014
Giving Corporate Business Gifts Williams Recogntion
Whether it’s to commemorate an important achievement or milestone at work, to show appreciation during the holiday season, or just to congratulate an employee on a job well done, most businesses will give gifts to their employees from time to time. While gift giving should never be a stressful or difficult occasion, the plain truth is that there are a lot of factors for a business to consider when planning and purchasing gifts to employees. Here are some important things to think about before purchasing a gift for an employee.

What do your employees love?

Purchasing a gift that will fit in well with an employee’s interests is always a great idea. You know going in that this particular employee will greatly enjoy and get quite a bit of use out of your present. Additionally, by giving something truly desired and special, it makes the employee freel great and appreciated. It also makes them more likely to remember where the preset has come from.

What’s the occasion?

Businesses may choose to give employees gifts for any one of a number of different reasons. Is the gift a token of appreciation for meeting a quarterly goal, an annual holiday present, or a more substantial offering for a team member who is retiring after 30 years of dedicated service? It’s important to let employees know that you value their contributions, but it’s also a good idea to keep the present fitting to the occasion.

What’s your budget?

Like every other business expense, gifts should always fit into your budget. If your company is one that recognizes great work with gifts, then they need to be planned for. Additionally, when you’re doing your planning for your fiscal year, consider any larger gifts that will need to be purchased in the next 12 months, such as a milestone anniversary.

Should your company logo be on the gift?

Many businesses like to give out apparel as business gifts. It’s a great idea for a number of reasons: items can often be ordered in bulk for a good price, it gets your name out there, and it promotes solidarity among your team members. A polo shirt or windbreaker with the company logo on it is also a great gift for employees who complete a project on time or under budget, or who are just performing above and beyond expectations. However, do consider that some employees may wish to separate their personal lives from their professional ones, and may not use your gift as often as you you might like.

Will it add to the clutter?

With many people choosing to live more simply and with less stuff, some employees may not want another thing to add to their collection. However, they still are highly appreciative of the sentiment behind it, and they do like to be recognized for their contributions. This goes back to knowing what your employees love: if you know that an employee is trying to reduce clutter in his or her life, consider giving something that can be consumed, like a wonderful dinner out or an excellent bottle of wine. Experiences are also perfect as gifts, such as a gift certificate for a local spa.

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