Summer in the Office: Building your Team’s Spirit

June 12, 2020
Williams Recognition

Although it’s very hot outside, many things can dampen your team’s spirit. As the leader, you don’t want that. You want them to be happy and motivated, no matter the weather. Keep their morale as high as the temperatures outside with these fun summer employee incentive programs.

Little Things Matter

The summertime can send the office in a slump. Being the person to guide your team to success, you can prevent this and keep them productive.

To start, you need to ensure that the office is as breezy as it can be. Make sure that all A/C units are working optimally, with any damage being repaired as early on in the season as possible. If your cooling system becomes problematic, provide fans to keep your team cool.

Try awarding your team with cool (and edible!) employee incentives. For example, treat them to ice cream and popsicles every now and then to show appreciation for the hard work they do throughout the hottest season of the year. Not only will this cool them down, it can help you earn a reputation for a good connection with your coworkers.

Employee Recognition Programs Turning Into Summer Fun

If your budget allows, try taking your team on outings such as beach days, park days or by simply eating lunch outside as a group. Not only can this help boost communication and relations, but it will give them the break they’ve been needing at the same time.

An inexpensive way to keep your team’s spirits up is entitling them to happy hours after work. Remember that employee recognition programs need not always be that extravagant, sometimes allowing them to clock in late or leave the office early can be a good way to keep them pumped up for the rest of the week.

Can’t afford to lose any more time from your team? You can engage them in casual workdays and help them feel more relaxed while working. Allow them to wear Hawaiian floral shirts, flip flops and other summer clothes to help cut the heat and remain more comfortable while on the job.

Honoring Employees with Years of Service Awards

While outings and happy hours can motivate your coworkers during really hot days, it’s always good to give them employee service awards that they can place on their desks or cabinets. This is where Williams Recognition has you covered. For more than two decades, we have been specializing in years of service awards, among many others award programs. If you are looking for a company that can help you motivate your workers – and so much more – Williams Recognition is the service provider for you!

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