Tactics to Re-energize your Sales Team

December 14, 2012
Tactics to Re-energize your Sales Team

Sales awards play a very significant role in re-energizing a sales team. Even when economic trends are suitable for a sales team, performance can be down if the group is not motivated. As such, you need to look for methods of ensuring that your sales team is delivering the desired results. If you notice that your sales group is delivering poor performance despite having the right skills and appropriate economic situations, then you should do something that will motivate them. A simple motivation task will re-energize your team and within a short time it will be performing beyond your sales expectations.

Sales awards have been identified by many experienced marketers as one of the tactic of motivating sales persons. When you give awards to your sales team it not only show that you appreciate what they do, but it also keep them inspired. It boost their morale since it is a way of telling them that they know what is expected of them and that they are doing it in the right way. This gives them confidence that is very essential for overcoming sales anxiety. They will be able to understand their work and customers they will come across.
It is important that as a business, you come up with a rewarding strategy that will recognize everyone in your sales team. You should not target on just the best individuals. Instead, take a general approach that will motivate the entire sales team. This is very important because if you are not careful, some members of the team might feel inferior and even incompetent. Therefore, have a reward tactic that will make all team members to feel appreciated. Awards should also be given to sales people based on merit. Therefore, come up with a means of determining performance of individuals in your sales team to avoid discontentment after giving sales awards to some members and leaving the others.  
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