Top 5 Spring Team Building Activities

March 22, 2019
Spring team building activities

Team building activities have become so widespread that they sometimes lose their primary purpose - getting your employees closer and building a productive team of satisfied experts. Unfortunately, these activities often become dull and repetitive. This spring is your chance to come up with some new and exciting team building activities for your workers!

Scavenger Hunt

Our first suggestion is a classic! Although it might be old-fashioned, scavenger hunts are still one of the favorited team-building activities since it’s a great way to bring your employees to work together. To make things more interesting, team up employees from different departments or those that usually don’t interact with each other to create better connections.

One-Day Getaways

Organizing a weekend getaway can be a nuisance or a significant hit to your budget if you have a huge team. However, if your headquarters is close to a beach or park, you can opt to spend a day outside. Try hosting a picnic or potluck and get as many employees involved. This may not be the ideal team-builder, but your employees will definitely appreciate and profit from the time away from work with each other.

Go Kart Racing

A dose of adrenaline never hurt anyone. If you find your team consists of many younger employees, this would be a great way to have fun, release some steam and get to know one another. A little competition has always been a great ice breaker.  

Team Hike

The hustle and bustle of today’s world leaves us with little time to get out and appreciate what’s around us. Getting your team to go for a small hike and explore the land around them is a great and healthy way to get everyone together.

Night Out

Whether it be an evening of cheese and wine, a dinner at a restaurant or a simple trip to the bar, this is a great way to make things light and get everyone together for a good time. Not only will this help your employees connect, it can show the appreciation you have towards their hard work and performance. A little acknowledgment can go a long way.


Whichever activity you choose, make sure everyone is up for the challenge and understand the importance of participation. Need a little push? Williams Recognition has years of experience in employee recognition programs and can help you discover exactly what your company may need to bring joy back into the workspace. Contact us today to learn more!


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