The secrets to employee engagement

March 06, 2012
The secrets to employee engagement

Employee engagement is an employer’s dream. Having a highly engaged staff means your employees are productive, satisfied and loyal; employees who are inspired to do their best work and speak highly of their jobs outside of the office. 

So what exactly is employee engagement and how do you achieve it? Employee engagement is a term that describes the degree to which employees are passionate about their work, emotionally committed to their company and to their co-workers. Highly engaged employees are your goal, and you can achieve it with these proven management secrets: 

Regular assessment: Cut turnover by connecting with your employees more frequently. If you (or your managers) are truly aware of the work your employees and contractors are doing, performance reviews will require little time and effort. They are an ideal forum to discuss where your staff is excelling and where they might need more support. This conversation demonstrates the importance of each person in the company, thereby building employee loyalty.

Rewarding involvement and excellence: Make sure that good deeds don’t go unrewarded. Have your employees recognize one another in team meetings, by giving them a forum to recognize achievements and instances where staff members have gone above and beyond. Establish an incentive program to reward performance.

Playing as hard as you work: Surveys show that group activities, parties and other social activities lead to increased productivity; a happy employee is an engaged employee. Furthermore, events give employees a chance to get to know one another as more than colleagues.

Being on the ground: The former president and CEO of the Campbell Soup Company spent half an hour each day walking around and talking to everyone in the company, whether it was executives, managers, or employees on the lowest rung. Being present shows that decisions at the executive level are properly informed. It also provides an opportunity for employees to communicate feedback.

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