Various Forms of Employee Recognition

December 01, 2010

Employee recognition consists of four different forms of acknowledgement: existential or personal recognition, recognition of work practices, recognition of results and recognition of job dedication.

Existential or Personal Recognition
This form of recognition concentrates on the fact that employees are individuals. Each employee has his or her own identity, skills and know-how. As a result of this form of recognition, employees are able to voice their opinions and even, perhaps, have a say in decisions and direction of the organization. In this form of recognition, the individual is the focus along with the unique characteristics that he or she has to offer. The recognition awards associated to this form of recognition must take into account the employee as an individual.

Work Practices Recognition
This form of recognition looks at the employee’s professional skills, qualifications and behaviours. It focuses on how well the employee performs his or her job-related tasks on a daily occurrence. Such things as ingenuity, innovation and constant perfection of the work practices are assessed. In this form of recognition, the employee recognition awards salute the work habits, professionalism and competencies.

Recognition of job dedication
This form of recognition essentially recognizes an employee’s involvement and impact on the success of the company’s daily operation. The individual’s dedication, the quality and quantity of the efforts put into the work procedures, as well as the energy and risks the employee takes in order to successfully fulfill company projects and daily responsibilities. Essentially, this form of recognition (e.g. perhaps in the form of a sales award) addresses the effort, energy and dedication expended by the employee in carrying out their occupation.

Recognition of results

This form of recognition acknowledges the end results of a project or the accomplishment of specific objectives. The basis if this recognition is the effectiveness and the value of the tasks completed by an individual or a group. Since this form of recognition depends on the results, it should only be given when an undertaking or project is done.

These primary forms of employee recognition are interdependent and cannot successfully be used alone. As active members of your organization and individuals that make important contributions to the success of your organization through their skill, dedication and energy, employees want and deserve recognition. These four forms of recognition should be used to acknowledge your employees as your most critical resources. The type of employee recognition programs and employee incentive programs that you adopt are up to you. Whether you are looking to implement years of service awards, a recognition award or an employee incentive programs, contact Williams Recognition. Williams specializes in employee recognition programs and employee service awards.

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