What is employee recognition

September 22, 2010

Recognizing your most important assets.

It is said time and time again: You are only as strong as your weakest link. The quality and the dedication of the individuals employed at your company or organization are its most important asset. Unfortunately, it is not enough to say it; employers must show their employees that they are important and appreciated. An employee recognition program is one of the simplest ways to recognize your employees’ hard work and commitment.

What is employee recognition?
There are many definitions for the term employee recognition, but, ultimately, employee recognition can be defined as a form of acknowledgement of an individual or a group’s contributions, accomplishments, efforts and dedication which support a company or organization’s goals, values and objectives.

“Recognition is constructive, genuine feedback based on acknowledging people as sincere, worthy of respect, having needs, and equipped with their own personal expertise (Brun & Dugas, 2002). It is a consideration of the human being as a whole.” [1]

What does employee recognition entail?
Employee recognition includes the act of evaluating and acknowledging the results of a person’s work. In other words, employee recognition pinpoints the unique contribution of an employee and emphasises the importance of this person’s contributing expertise and experience. [2]

How does employee recognition affect the employee?
Employee recognition is considered a very effective way of inspiring employees. Research has even shown that employee recognition significantly contributes to reducing work related stress. [3]

How does employee recognition benefit the employer?
By recognizing your employees you are reinforcing the actions and the behaviours that you most wish to see your employees repeat. This reinforced behaviour supports the company or organization’s goals and therefore increases the productivity.

Employee recognition:
- Allows employees to know their work is appreciated and valued.
- Gives employees a sense of belonging to the company or organisation which increases loyalty, helps retain quality employees and reduces turnover.
- Improves the morale in the workplace and employee satisfaction therefore reducing absenteeism and stress.
- Helps to build teamwork and a supportive working environment.
- Boosts employee motivation thus increasing individual productivity.

Employee recognition can be done on a regular basis or it can be impromptu. Employee recognition can be as simple as a spoken recognition to the implementation and administration of custom employee recognition programs and awards. Regardless, employee recognition must be thought out, meaningful and personalized to the recipients.

For decades, Williams has been creating custom employee award programs that allow you to acknowledged and show your appreciation to your employees. Our employee recognition programs are hassle-free and provide a great return on investment.

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