Why prospective employees need to know about your recognition program

December 06, 2011
Why prospective employees need to know about your recognition program

Attention, HR personnel and employers: Today’s economy is creating an abundance of talented workers with impressive experience. The personnel world is your oyster! Take advantage and attract the best workers to your business. Finding a talented workforce starts with giving a great job interview. Remember, an interview is a two-way street: It's a chance for both parties to see what the other has to offer. While you're asking the candidate about their qualities and experiences, they want to know the quality of experience you'll offer them.

In an interview, a candidate will be assessing whether your company is a place they want to make a long-term commitment to. Job seekers are looking for workplaces that value the work they do. Some of the most common questions interviewees will ask potential employers are related to company culture and values—they want to know how they’ll fit into your organization and if the effort they put in will be appreciated. This is a great opportunity to offer information about how you recognize your employees for a job well done. Think of your rewards and recognition program as part of the compensation package. Describing your corporate recognition program will help an experienced and engaged candidate understand what matters to you.

Make sure to be specific. Offhandedly mentioned plaques and awards won’t inspire or entice. Just as the candidate will have hopefully offered you some detailed stories about their successes, tell him or her about an employee’s job well done, and why it was worth acknowledging.

Being sincere in your admiration and gratitude towards your employees’ service will do wonders to impress a great candidate, too.

By explaining what you bring to the table, you’re ensuring that those talented workers don’t go to your competitors. It’s all about giving them the information they need to put you at the top of their list, so when you’re finally offering the position to that perfect candidate, they’ll make the right choice—accepting the job, of course!



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